Yotache Drain Backflow Preventer, One Way Valve for Pipes Tubes in Toilet Bathroom Floor Drain Seal Resist Smell and Bugs, 1.97″ Silicone


  • APPLICATION RANGE- This item can be used with floor drain of the shower room and basement,effectively block backflow, odor and bugs in the sewer.
  • PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS- The floor drain filter with the automatic closing design, effectively block the bugs, bacteria; Seal stinky smell and odor from sewage gas; Prevent the drain water from backing up to the room; Anti- water leakage and overflow.
  • WIDE APPLICATION- As sewer is connected with the underground septic tank, sewag, bugs or other toxic air may enter room from smelly drain. Floor drain seal with closing mouth can be used in floor drain universal for most of American families. Necessary for every family.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN – The body of the grate seal is designed in v-cup shape, ensuring the smooth draining and water flowrate; folding winkles between the binding, increase the tightness and compactness.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONCEPT- The shower drain seal is made of good quality silicone, totally environmental-friendly material; No smell and no toxic; Safeguard for your family health; No worry about deformation after stretching, super flexible; Ever-lasting and durable; Strong anticorrosion effect.
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The trap drain is made of durable silicone. The body shape is V-cup. The mouth of the shower tube filter can opening and closing automatically under the effect of the water gravity, guarante both the draining and the guard function against bugs, smell and sewage gas. Of course, the speed of draining will be slower than those without using the trap drain. Considering the binding part is dipped in oil and dirty sewage, the binding of tub grate is designed with folding winkles, increasing its stickness and unite. Successfully solved the problem of the separation.

Deodorant This grate seal can stop the drain smell. Block the sewage from the pipeline through the floor drain.

Bugs Blocker The draft under the sink welcomes a lot of bugs and roaches. The sealing design of the water trap craftily closes the gateway for bugs.

No More Backflow Smart V-shape draining system and closing bottom design, really a one way valve for water

When is draining, the grate seal will open automatically under the effect of the gravity. This trap guard is designed in V-cup shape, water can go out smoothly.

After draining, the drain flies will close automatically to guard off bacteria and bugs.

Installation guide:

1. Please measure precisely the internal diameter of the drain mouth, in case any inconvenience brought by unmatched size

2. Measure the depth of the tube

3. Install the floor drain one way valve

4. Because the stickiness and softness feature of silicone, make sure support apart the mouth of drain grate with your hands in the first installation for the smooth draining

What is In the Box:

2* Silicone Drain Backflow Preventer

2* Anti-rust steel filter

2* Stable steel ring

Size:3.74 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches


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