Yotache Flood Barrier – Water Activated Sandless Sandbags for Flood Protection Water Absorber Moisture Absorber for Flood Control, 2 Pack (5ft x 8in)


  • READY TO USE – No sand or labor needed, just place the water barrier where you want. The hydro barrier contains a super absorbent polymer filler that activates and swells when wet, which can block, contain and divert flood water. The inner gel is Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, safe and non hazardous, and can be completely decomposed in nature
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Compared to traditional heavy sand bags, the sandbag alternative is super light, 5ft long x 8in wide, less than a pound each when dry; foldable and easy to store and carry, greatly reduces the manpower and strive for the rescue
  • SPECIAL VELCRO DESIGN – Compared to other flood protection barriers, this rain barrier is designed with a Velcro fastener at both ends, which helps two or multiple flood barriers stay in place firmly during heavy rain, storms, hurricane or other emergencies
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE – Made from strong non-woven material with heavy-duty reinforced stitching, preventing seepage; The snake sandbag is flexible to create many shapes or bend around corners in different sites and circumstances
  • MULTI-USE AND REUSABLE – The condensation absorber can be used indoors or outdoors, protecting doorways, window sills, backyards, patios, garages, basements, bathrooms, toilets, leaking tanks, taps, erosion control, construction projects, anywhere water is a problem. Keep these stored as part of your emergency kit
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Size:5ft x 8in

Be prepared!

Water Activated Flood Barrier is self-inflating and sandless, ready to use whenever needed, more suitable for doorways, window sills and other places with moderate amount of water. The barrier expands as exposed to water, providing an excellent solution for protecting valuable assets from water damage.


Special- A Velcro at both ends to help barriers hold together

Outer- Non-woven fabric, double stitched

Inner- 100% Non-toxic, super absorbent polymer


60″L x 8″W                0.56lbs±5% each (dry)

60″L x 8″W x 3.1″H   22lbs±5% each (inflated)

Reusable- The flood barrier will reactivate when wet and last for months for ongoing protection. Typically 2-3 months of continued dryness, drying time varies depending on environment

Usage Tips

1. Pre-soak the patio door draft blocker in water to activate if rain comes hard and fast, or high water is expected. They will absorb the water and expand to 3.1in high after 5-10 minutes

2. If spill or rain falls slow, just put the draft stopper where you need and place a rock or something on top to be sure they don’t blow away, giving time to swell

3. Be sure to stick the Velcro closely together to prevent washing away by the water flood

4. It is normal to see white gelled particles in the sewed areas of the reusable sand bags during water absorption


1. Safe for disposal in the trash once the water absorbent barriers are no longer needed

2. Cut open and expose contents directly to sunlight, which will decompose within a few days

3. Exposing the hydrabarrier to salt water will release and deflate the barrier

Package Include

Flood barrier x 1

Instruction guide x 1

Note: Flood barriers are not inflated with salt water


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