Custom Magnetic Screen Door

Custom Screen Door

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Custom Magnetic Screen Door

I have a sliding glass door ....This product is Great.....I have a Great Dane ......she loves to go out helps me from getting up and down a hundred times to let her out ......It also keeps the bugs out opens and closes tight with the magnets at the opening.....I Highly recommend this product ....


Custom Magnetic Screen Door

This couldn't have been easier to install. Didn't really even need help. Best thing, since I have big dogs who are always on the wrong side of the door, is that it's insanely durable. The magnets are strong as well. The two sides close together exactly as they should.


Custom Magnetic Screen Door

I had an old recliner, so I ordered this material in brown and attempted my version of upholstery on just the top part.I’m not a crafty person, and this is the first time I’ve ever attempted anything like this, so I’d think for people who like to work with things like this they would love it.


Using this for garage door house entry for animals. Didn't want to cut whole on wall or door for pet accesses. During cool weather working well .Easy to put up and works well


Great thickness and a nice added benefit to keep cold air out. Only negative seems to be the velcro pieces.. they always get caught when you're trying to walk through and cause a tripping hazard.


My dog can go in and out of the front door without letting in all the bugs. The magnets work great so the screen snaps together as soon as you go through it. but definitely plan on buying another one for my back door.

Jessica Nesbitt

This magnetic screen door is amazing. My dog absolutely loves it . it works better than I thought it would. It took me a while to decide which size to order. looks great for my door


This is my 2nd mesh screen order . I measured the doorway beforehand getting the nearest size possible. As with the previous one I got, the nails and general intention is for a wooden doorway.


I wasn’t sure if I would like the look of this screen on my french doors, but because it’s a perfect fit, it actually even gives my sun room a softer look, but obviously still functional in keeping flies/bugs out

Heather S

While the doors are open. My dog can easily go out and back in the house as he pleases. I can let fresh air in without the annoyance of flies in the house. I’m definitely pleased with this purchase.

Denise Howard

With dogs, cats, and people going in and out of our back door all the time. This screen is made of noticeably stronger and denser mesh fabric. So far it shows no signs of wear

Josh Kulyk

I love this screen door. My son loves to spend time outside . I was able to install this on my own, I found it a lot easier to align the Velcro and then attach the screen to it.

J. Levesque