• Are you prepared to custom it a try and love?

    Yotache Magnetic Screen Door can make a great first impression for your lovely home, improve indoor ventilation, and add security. The screen for d...
  • A Must for Outdoor Travelling

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  • the Difference between Magnetic Screen Door and Window Screen ?

      What do they have in Similairity ? No matter what window screen or magnetic screen door they are all made of glass fiber, fireproof, anticorrosiv...
  • How to Pick the Best Window Screens &Magnetic Screen Doors

    Dear all,Welcome back to the blog! we are going to discuss how to pick out the best window screens and screen doors. If it is your firs...
  • FAQ about the Magnetic Screen Door

    Can I order YOTACHE Magnetic Screen Doors in custom sizes? A: Sure, Custom any sizes are available.can the opening on a custom large screen be plac...
  • Magnetic Screen for Sliding Door - Pets Love It too

    I have purchased quite a few screen doors. I have animals that like to go in and out, and the sliding screen doors don't work for that. My dog woul...
  • Customer Said about Magnetic Screen door

    Love this screen ! The side opening is so much better! I love that this opens on the side vs the middle so that when the doors open, you can see a...
  • Hands-free Self-closing Magnetic Screen Door

        Yotache is dedicated to developing premium magnetic screen doors that are super fast to install and will help you enjoy a comfortable and safe ...
  • Custom Magnetic Screens fit for RV

      We have developed a unique magnetic side screen door, which will close by itself when you go out, so no bugs will enter.   Our magnetic door cur...
  • The Perfect Bug Screen Door

    fiberglass Custom screen door

  • Yotache magnetic screen door 32X80, LOVE IT!!!

      I went about the install differently than how the instructions say. (I admit... didn't read them until I was done.) But I did watch some videos o...