• The Magic of Magnetic Mosquito Protection

    As summer approaches, so do the dreaded mosquitoes. These pesky insects not only interrupt our peaceful evenings but also pose a health risk. Howev...
  • Notice -We will colse our store and back to normal after holiday

    Warm tips : Only left 1day to place order if need custom pls order soon Sorry for the inconvenience bring to you and thanks for your support Due to...
  • Magnetic Thermal Insulated Door Curtain

    Welcome to our yotache page  I wanted to personally introduce you to our latest product that I believe will greatly benefit you in the coming winte...
  • Effective Methods for Keeping Insects Away

    Custom magnetic screen door  flying screen door
  • Introduction for the Custom Magnetic Screen Door

    Magic Screen doors make it simple to leave the door open while keeping the bugs out. What if you have pets, though? Overexcited canines can tear th...
  • the Voice of Customer -Perfect!

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  • Magnetic Screen Door Mesh, Door Screen Magnetic Closure-Keeps Bugs Out Let Breeze in, Heavy Duty Mesh - Pet and Kid Friendly, Works with Front Doors, Sliding Doors

                                 EASY TO INSTALL: Yotache Magnet Screen Door is simple to install. No screw, nails and other tools needed. Apply the se...
  • Why the Website can't Placed My Order ?

    When you encounter areas where the webpage cannot place an order, don’t worry, please contact customer service first, official email is seller@yat...
  • Why use cotton curtains in winter?

    When the haze weather in the north is increasing and it is not conducive to going out, many people choose to stay at home. At this time, it would b...
  • Listen to My Customers Said to Me

    linda g. 5.0 out of 5 stars Very good value   The screen was very easy to install it seems very sturdy. We have a bird that we take out in our...
  • Are you prepared to custom it a try and love?

    Yotache Magnetic Screen Door can make a great first impression for your lovely home, improve indoor ventilation, and add security. The screen for d...
  • A Must for Outdoor Travelling

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