Are you prepared to custom it a try and love?

Yotache Magnetic Screen Door can make a great first impression for your lovely home, improve indoor ventilation, and add security. The screen for door is a reasonable investment in comfort for all within your house.

You can custom the opening in the middle or opening at one side, depends your like. Genarally speaking ,black  have better light transittance than white screen mesh 

They are able to withstand years of use and you would only wish that you had always had a screen door such as this on your house when you realize just how much simpler life having a screen door abruptly becomes.

  • 🖐️Hands free entry & Easy access for pets, kid friendly
  • 🍃Keeps Nature Out:Anti-tearing and reinforced in top middle
  • 💪Thicker thread & close stitch length
  • 🐶Perfect for Potty Training Dogs,durable & strong fiberglass mesh
  • 🌈Special hook&loop hasp design maintains not being blown away by wind
  • 🔨Installs in an Instant: Our magnetic door screen comes with everything you need to install it quickly; black tacks and a large roll of hook velcro


No matter how peculiar your door frame is, no matter how larger or small it is, you can customize the size for you want.

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