Custom Magnetic Screens fit for RV


We have developed a unique magnetic side screen door, which will close by itself when you go out, so no bugs will enter.

  Our magnetic door curtain prevents mosquitoes, bites and black flies from sneaking in, curtains can protect yourself from sunlight in some degree.

  Garage screen is easy to install and does not require maintenance, you can store it in a box.It can be customized for all RV models.

  We use fiberglass material with better durability, through high temperature molding, fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape. A good replacement for An actual door, much economical choice for you!

Excellently prevents mosquitoes, bites and black flies from entering the RV.


Custom backdoor magic screen

You can also use our screen door to set up rear RV. Made of large glass fiber, it  can be completely closed automatically without pushing or pulling by hand.


There is a window for aeration to let in sunlight, while protecting you from mosquitoes, bites and black flies. Similarly, decorative screen magnets play a decorative role.


You can also reach the storage space under the bed without causing bugs to invade the RV. the screen door can be installed elsewhere by participating in the rally

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