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Love this screen ! The side opening is so much better!

I love that this opens on the side vs the middle so that when the doors open, you can see a nicer unobstructed rectangle of light (vs a line going through the middle of it). It was easy to hang & even though I messed up, I was still able to adjust it & it's totally fine. I didn't use the extra push pins, just the tape provided. The magnet is just right. My dogs go in & out no problem.


no more bugs in the house

What I like about this screen is that it's easy to install, we did not use all the tacks provided just at the top where the seams meet. It is the most narrow screen to choose from and it still sits outside the door frame. We made it work with the adhesive tape.
the magnetic closer is actually very secure and our cat is able to enter and exit easily with a bit of training of the cat.
I like to sleep with our upstairs deck door open for fresh air but I hated that bugs would fly in, so this is a good solution.
I thought about putting this on our other entries but because the screen will not retract from the top like a regular door does and that if your hands were occupied it may be annoying having to step sideways out the door using your body to push aside the screen. We will come up a different solution.
The material is strong and durable, before we were able to train our cat to push through at the bottom it he climbed it... all 12 lbs of him and it did not tear.


Also they give you screen patches if you happen to get a rip in it from your pet

I have a sliding glass door ....This product is Great.....I have a Great Dane ......she loves to go out helps me from getting up and down a hundred times to let her out ......It also keeps the bugs out opens and closes tight with the magnets at the opening.....I Highly recommend this product ....


 Good looking and functional screening?

Love the look of this screen as the view is not dominated by a vertical line opening down the center of the doorway. The offside opening not only looks good, but it improves the functionality of the flaps, allowing the flaps to flip back into position immediately after you walk through it. This is a fantastic product and I would buy it again and again. The only minor area of improvement is with the small tacks included with the product. The tacks are so lightweight, I broke a couple of them when pounding them in the frame. They are ok, but be careful during installation.


 It's been a couple months, still happy with this

Installing in about 15 minutes. Works well. I installed this on my back kitchen door because occasionally it's nice to leave that door open when the kitchen heats up. However, right outside that door is a nice shady spot that the flies absolutely love. It does what I wanted, keeps those flies out.

The magnets seal up reasonable well. They do occasionally stick to the metal exterior door, but that's really not a bother for me, I just pull the corner back down to the floor (usually with my foot) and it's back to normal.


 Fantastic screen doors -- absolutely recommended

Our old magnetic screen door finally needed to be replaced. I hesitated to buy these because they were so much less expensive than our old one but I liked the idea of a side opening and wanted to try it. The side opening design is much easier to get in/out than a center opening when carrying wide things like trays of food. And it looks great since there are no opening seams in the middle to interfere with the view.

For the price I was just hoping for something adequate but I'm delighted with it. Great quality, with heavy duty screening, full frame velcro and strong magnets that hold the opening secure even in heavy wind. It was *very* easy to put up and seems durable. These really are a great buy.

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