Hands-free Self-closing Magnetic Screen Door


Yotache is dedicated to developing premium magnetic screen doors that are super fast to install and will help you enjoy a comfortable and safe indoor living environment.

   The heavy-duty mesh stops flying insects in their tracks but allows much-needed ventilation and light into your home. An ultra-convenient hands-free design allows you to entertain family and friends outdoors with complete ease. Kids and pets can pass right through the door’s curtains in a flash. Powerful magnets work like magic to create a tight, seamless seal that has to be seen to be believed.


  • High quality
  • Any size screens we can custom for your doorway
  • Excellent value for money
  • Ideal for home, office use and in an RV
  • Incredibly versatile for small and large doors
  • Can be used for wide or narrow range of internal and external doors
  • Heavy-duty fireproof, anti-corrosion fiberglass
  • Better durability than nylon or polyester mesh
  • Can withstand high traffic from adults, toddlers, and pets
  • Toddler and pet-friendly
  • Good air and light transmission
  • Gray color gives improved visibility
  • Keeps insects out
  • Unique magic windproof sticker hasp design
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Durable, easy-to-clean super-duty roll of reinforced Velcro adhesive tape
  • Pack of push pins
  • Easy to fold up for off-season storage

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