Magnetic Screen for Sliding Door - Pets Love It too

I have purchased quite a few screen doors. I have animals that like to go in and out, and the sliding screen doors don't work for that. My dog would always run threw it and break it. This screen door, so far, is the best one yet. It is easy to install with the velcro already on the screen door, so all you have to do is put the velcro up around the door frame.

This process is very easy, It comes with heavy thumbtacks to add extra holding security. I put it on my sliding door which is metal, so I put the top on the siding so I can put the thumbtack on. And I purchased it 2 inches bigger than the door frame, so on one side, I can put the thumbtacks in the siding of the house.

The other side is on the sliding door so I couldn't put the thumb-tack, but the velcro is very strong. I like the new feature of the tieback. I would recommend it.

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