Yotache magnetic screen door 32X80, LOVE IT!!!


I went about the install differently than how the instructions say. (I admit... didn't read them until I was done.) But I did watch some videos on how to install these, so I had some ideas.

First major thing I did different was, I attached the velcro to the doorframe first, not to the screen, like in the instructions. I think it would have been much more difficult attaching the velcro to the molding if I had the screen in the way. My door has a 1.25" wide decorative molding strip that runs a perfect rectangle all the way round. So getting the velcro on straight was simply a matter of centering on that wooden slat.

I used a squeegee to fix it with some nice friction.

In the video I watched, the screen was bigger than the door, like mine. The reason I chose this brand is because it was the only one that was super close to my door size. In the video I saw, they adjusted the size of the screen before they mounted it. I found it easier to mount it first, then take up the slack and pin it as a last step. I didn't have to do anything for the bottom, the length is perfect. I left the right side alone and took up the slack on the left, farthest from the magnetic seam.


I ordered upholstery nails (another tip I picked up from someone's review) and I'm glad I did. They're better quality, more stout, than the ones that came with the screen.

One CON for this brand is that it stinks when you take it out of the package. It's going to out-gas for a bit. But it's all about open air circulation so I don't care that much.

I do believe the screen is fiberglass.

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